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Making Volume Calculations Easy


Stack Insight revolutionises volume calculations and change detection

Providing high accuracy, Stack Insight facilitates the identification of changes on the field and is able to remotely calculate the volume of your stacks and piles, with just a few mouse clicks. To deliver this precision service, Stack Insight utilises Airbus Defence and Space’s very high-resolution 50 cm imagery products from its optical Pléiades satellites, which has the capability to be flexibly tasked, offering up to daily revisit capability of any area around the world.

Volume calculations

Traditional methods for accurate volume calculation involved sending experienced surveying experts and equipment to locations that are often remote and inhospitable. This route consumes significant cost and carries with it multiple risks and challenges. However, that is now a thing of the past with Stack Insight.

Volumes, such as piles of excavated material or waste material can now easily be evaluated remotely using Stack Insight. The satellite-based service can be compared to the accuracy of LIDAR technologies, whilst offering the major advantage that expensive equipment or experts aren’t required on site. Stack Insight can be requested from any location to calculate volumes of any area in the world. The acquired dataset is then delivered directly to your desktop, providing fresh information needed to support specific operational and organisational decisions.

Change detection

Tracking structural, ground, water body or other surface changes over time has the potential to provide crucial information to a number of commercial, industrial and environmental applications. However, accurately identifying changes on the ground can be difficult as data collection, processing and analysis are all time-intensive, expensive and often inaccurate or even dangerous – especially in remote locations, which don’t provide surveyors with easy access.

Stack Insight’s automated, accurate change detection capability provides these results in a user-friendly report.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate satellite-based calculation service
  • Reduced risk as staff doesn’t need to visit sites
  • Reduced costs due to the remote nature of the service
  • Automated data analysis enables time savings
  • Rapid delivery of information
  • No hardware required on site
  • Flexible access to the service from any location with an internet access
  • Rapid acquisition and up to daily revisit capability
  • Supported by Airbus Defence and Space

Stack Insight revolutionises volume calculations and change detection with its risk-free remote acquisition – providing you high accuracy volume calculation, when and where you need it.

The remote intelligence tool for operational mines

Stack Insight has been specifically developed to cater for the unique requirements of operational mines. No matter how remote your operations might be – the service can be reliably and regularly tasked to survey any mining site, safely, making this tool one of the most cost-effective surveying and volumetric calculation tools available. The automated service acquires the images and provides you with the information you need to inform your specific decision-making process.

Applications for operational mines:

  • Extracted volume calculation
  • Calculate volumes of piles and stacks
  • Assess changing volumes of tailings
  • Operational quarry mapping to plan infrastructure
  • Monitor structure stabilities e.g. tailing dams
  • Calculating the volume of rock stockpiled at port or a railhead for other logistics hubs
  • Governmental site management and monitoring

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With some error rate results of less than 2% experienced in the first studies, Stack Insight offers one of the most accurate mine-monitoring tools. Superior to the 20% error rate for ground surveying and paper maps or the 5% error rate when using land surveyors.

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