One Tasking - the Satellite Tasking Service

Committed to Delivering Imagery

Get Access to Information When You Need It

Commissioning a satellite and obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is now risk-free, fast, and incredibly easy.

30 years ago, Airbus was the first to offer satellite-tasking services, revolutionising the satellite imagery market. Today, with One Tasking, the company sets the bar again with an unprecedented commitment to deliver new imagery collections when and where its customers need them*. Airbus’ new offer, redesigned from the ground up, is committed to delivering the very best results, instead of the industry’s typical “best effort” approach, with a tasking service designed entirely around the customer’s needs.

(*Always subject to normal/appropriate operating conditions)

One Tasking provides answers and support in any situation: from the most basic map update up to emergency response, land use analysis, mission planning or frequent insights through reliable monitoring.

A Matter of Satellites, Talent, and Dedication

Both genuine satellite constellations, SPOT and Pléiades share the same orbit and tasking plan. They behave as a single, flexible satellite gifted with true daily revisit capabilities – maximising collection success rate and coverage speed.

In addition, a team of world-class tasking experts ensures that your area is covered on time and on spec. The Airbus team carefully conducts feasibility studies and closely follows up open tasking requests, constantly adjusting priorities. All of that fine-tuning is in Airbus’ DNA and, more than any technical feature, is the secret of One Tasking’s reliability.

Key Benefits

Best choice for maximising the success of your collection campaign

• Financial compensation, if (ever) we do not make it on time

• Flexible sensors, superior availability for ultra‑fast delivery

• Streamlined offer, to lighten the ordering process for all satellites and sales channels

• 24/7 access

Pick the Right Product for Your Needs:


Choose your acquisition day

Imagery acquisition for a specific day is now risk-free. 24 hours before your acquisition date, you receive a weather forecast to let you confirm, postpone or cancel your request at no cost.


Access useful information in an instant

When immediate imagery is required, our satellites can be tasked to deliver valuable insights in the shortest possible timeframe. Don’t panic if it’s cloudy – we keep collecting images of your area until we are successful.


Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe

You select your timeframes, dates and preferred sensor – we ensure you receive the right qualified coverage, perfectly matching your project milestones.


Get coverage on a regular basis

Whether you are dealing with long‑term changes or highly dynamic situations, OneSeries brings you the required intelligence at the frequency you choose. For highest frequencies, our cloud cover commitment ensures you pay only for the most useful results.


  • Track progress of exploitation or infrastructure set-up
  • Manage fire or security incidents close to the production sites
  • Plan evacuation exercises
  • Check site restoration after end of exploitation
  • Gather business intelligence on competitors

Download the One Tasking brochure

Find all features and product specifications in the One Tasking brochure.

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