Monitoring Services

Cost-effective Monitoring Solutions for Global Assets


Cost-effective Monitoring Solutions

Remote, satellite-based monitoring is one of the most cost-effective solutions to get the necessary data and ensure high reactivity to environmental or security hazards. These effective monitoring tools help to plan interventions, minimise downtime and reduce reputational risk. Airbus Defence and Space’s full constellation of optical and radar sensors offer daily revisits for intensive monitoring and rapid response, along with additional expertise services to help reduce the risk of operations and provide support to Business Intelligence.

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Environmental and Security Monitoring

Using the latest satellite technology, we provide cost-effective monitoring tools, allowing high revisit rates and rapid information of onshore or offshore areas, allowing you high reactivity to environmental or security risks, no matter how remotely your asset is located.

24/7 Emergency Response - ultimate reactivity to specific challenges

Our highly experienced team is available 24/7 to find the best solution for your specific issue, providing you with exactly what you need quickly.


SAFEcommand™ can help Oil and Gas organisations by improving operational efficiency and helping deliver on their critical Duty of Care objectives through the provision of real-time location intelligence for staff and vehicles, integrated operations planning and response as well as full mobile data and satellite communications.

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Instant Tasking – premium acquisition and delivery

If you are facing an emergency in a remote location, the Instant Tasking Service enables you to take control and task a satellite for acquisition of the image coverage and resolution you need in minutes from the comfort of your desk, 24/7, with a number of options […] relating to coverage and resolution, delivering the information you need, to ensure premium reactivity.

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Change Detection

The fast acquisition of the right information is crucial to minimise facility downtime or for other applications related to the environment, security or logistics. Our change detection service automatically identifies and interprets potential changes, enabling highest reactivity, utilising the latest technical advancements, whilst offering the most cost-effective tool on the market.

Surface Movement Monitoring

Periodically updating changes of spatially complex or small-scale surfaces, surface movement maps deliver millimetric precision, as well as high revisit rates and the option of expert interpretation needed to cost-effectively assess areas of interest.

Mine Monitoring

Measure the volume of minerals extracted and track changes across your assets without the risks and costs associated with having staff on site, bringing significant financial and risk-minimising benefits to organisations worldwide.

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