One Tasking – Committed to Delivering Imagery

One Tasking

Committed to Delivering Imagery

Picture Any Place, Anywhere, Any Time at Any Resolution

From feasibility studies and infrastructure planning, to facilitating a rapid response in case of an emergency, One Tasking is on hand to assist your operations and to enable you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Tasking Airbus Defence and Space’s satellites has provided crucial business intelligence to the oil and gas industry for decades. As the first to offer satellite tasking over 30 years ago, it is set to revolutionise the satellite imagery market once again with One Tasking. The new, streamlined and easy-to-use offer is a very reliable satellite-tasking service. With its commitment to delivering only the most useful results when and where you need them, One Tasking substantially reduces risk levels when tasking a satellite and provides greater value for users.

Agile Tasking

With full access to Airbus Defence and Space’s exclusive optical constellation, satellites can be tasked based on your specific requirements, giving you the agility, availability and reactivity you need.

In one recent example, Airbus Defence and Space’s customer tasked the optical, very high-resolution Pléiades satellite to map a pipeline corridor – the detailed satellite maps of the 600km long pipeline corridor were provided in 12 easy-to-use segments, which immediately provided the customer with the right level of detail and situational overview to make appropriate decisions.


The Right One Tasking Product for Your Requirements

Regardless of how unique your satellite tasking requirements are – Airbus Defence and Space’s range of One Tasking options offers the right solution to your specific needs.

OneNow – Access Useful Information in an Instant

When facing an emergency and staff or physical assets are at risk – such as an explosion at an oil storage facility or the illegal tapping of an oil pipeline – immediate access to accurate information is crucial.

Operations are often located in the world’s most remote and dangerous locations – which do not allow easy access for an emergency response team or to gather rapid and usable information on project development. OneNow enables you to task a satellite with a high priority giving you fast and useful insights, with a commitment to limit cloud cover, into your specific area of interest. Integrated weather forecasts over the Area Of Interest help you pick the right acquisition slot, whilst you have agile access to our variety of large swath and very high-resolution sensors. This, for example, allows the detection of emergency source points, when confronted with an explosion or fire, and also allows you to identify critical areas nearby which might be at risk and require evacuation.

OneDay – Get an image within hours

Imagery acquisition for a specific day is now risk-free. A weather forecast will give you the possibility to confirm, postpone or cancel your acquisition at no cost. This enables you to rapidly access precise information, whatever the conditions, to understand and organise a response when confronted with an unplanned incident. For example in the case of a rig explosion or fire, you can task the satellite in emergency and get the image acquired within hours, allowing you to identify critical areas nearby which might be at risk and require evacuation.

OnePlan – Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe

You select your timeframes, dates and preferred sensor – we ensure you receive the right, qualified coverage according to your plan. This allows you to plan needed coverage for exploration purposes, provide you with information about your assets, or check site restoration after end of exploitation.

OneSeries – Get coverage on a regular basis

OneSeries provides you with images on a regular basis. Obtaining repeated coverage of the same area of interest allows you to detect environmental and infrastructure changes, reliably monitor the development of facilities and transportation routes or to regularly assess the safety of your staff and equipment on site, which will be directly delivered to you – no matter where you are.

One Tasking key benefits:

  • Commitment to delivering useful information for your operations
  • Industry-leading success rate and financial compensation in case of non-compliance with requirements
  • Flexible sensors, agile tasking, ultra fast delivery
  • Advanced reactivity and satellite availability
  • Simplified order, accessible online 24/7

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