One Atlas – The World’s Freshest Satellite Image Basemap

One Atlas

One Atlas - The Satellite Imagery Library

This month Airbus Defence and Space launches One Atlas, a satellite imagery basemap, which covers the entire planet with up-to-date data and is immediately available online. The service has been designed to meet the unique requirements of the oil, gas and mining industry – providing images, fresher than one year and available 24/7, via a secure and private online platform. The new service gathers GIS-ready, ortho-rectified imagery to accurately map or measure distances and surfaces, whilst providing increased aesthetics due to atmospheric and light corrections, managed by Airbus’ team of in-house experts. Due to this consistent and homogeneous global coverage, One Atlas allows the preparation of ground scouting activities as areas can be easily mapped and activities planned with the up-to-date and consistent imagery. One Atlas also provides the essential intelligence for engineering projects and to plan or oversee the construction of new infrastructure, such as production facilities and pipelines.

In addition, One Atlas can be used as an effective tool to monitor the environmental impact of decommissioned sites, with the atmospheric and light corrections facilitating visual change assessment and the accurate monitoring of an area of interest over time.

Airbus Defence and Space’s experts ensure that seasonal effects, such as haze and clouds are kept to an absolute minimum through a process of careful manual selection – ensuring only the very best sections from each capture are retained. Another advantage of the service is that it’s taking care of everything – updating, selecting, processing and hosting all satellite imagery data for you, which makes the use of satellite images easier and faster. The streamlined nature of the new service’s workflow allows customers to save money and time when images are required. Once integrated with your own data, One Atlas facilitates native collaboration and data sharing across your organisation. The service can also be used to plan, map and locate your teams, assets and areas of interest wherever they are with ease – allowing customers to devote more time to their core mission.

Select the One Atlas option which best suits your requirements:

  • OneView – A cost-effective and consistent snapshot of the globe

    This streamlined basemap is the first choice when a clean and affordable solution is needed. Airbus Defence and Space selects the imagery to compute each yearly vintage so no effort is needed on your end to define which image to put on top

  • OneLive – A top quality, never ageing basemap

    A perfect solution for applications where freshness is essential. We are constantly updating pixels of the basemap, giving you access to most up-to-date images, but also to the historic images.

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