Increasing the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Operations with SAFEcommand™



Based on our expertise and exclusive collaboration with first responders, we developed the SAFEcommandTM system and software suite, which advances knowledge-transfer across oil and gas project teams and improves operational efficiency. The software provides real-time location intelligence for staff and vehicles, integrated operations planning and response, as well as full mobile data and satellite communications, which helps to meet critical objectives effectively. SAFEcommandTM addresses four essential areas:

  • Data management
  • Asset tracking
  • Mobile information retrieval and communications
  • Emergency/ non-emergency preparation and response

 A central place to manage data

Potential oil leaks, illegal pipeline tapping or damaged facilities due to terrorist attacks are just a few examples of potentially significant emergencies – each requiring access to up-to-date intelligence, as well as strategic tools to plan an effective response. SAFEcommandTM allows decision-makers to effectively respond to emergencies through the provision of relevant spatial and non-spatial data, as well as identifying the location of available resources, such as staff and vehicles, which facilitates the effective allocation of team-members in close proximity to an incident.

The software application also allows rapid sharing of up-to-date information with onsite personnel to inform on-location decisions and activities.

 Not only during emergencies

SAFEcommandTM provides teams with the latest data, which allows an optimised resource use and minimises the time required to carry out operational tasks, such as maintenance or repair work.

The GIS based central management system ScCapture enables organisations to capture and store spatial and non-spatial information such as procedures, pipeline schematics, operational manuals, images and video on a secure, easy-to-use platform.

The right information to the right person at the right time

As oil and gas organisations often operate in remote regions and decision-makers might not be located in the same areas, it is critical that emergency response information is quickly shared and delivered to relevant on-site teams when facing urgent issues. SAFEcommandTM offers a number of communication tools, which allow the distribution of relevant information to team member’s mobile devices.

As part of this offer, ScResponse is a vehicle-mounted data system, which allows bi-directional messaging and navigation, as well as the capability to share operational information with the vehicle’s driver. ScGateway is a mobile data gateway, allowing secure real-time, two-way communications routing, giving people access to the right datasets at the right time. If information needs to be automatically pushed to teams – ScCourier provides an advanced automatic information update service, distributing data via a variety of network options (WAN, LAN, WIFI, GPPRS, 3G, 4G and satellite).

Tailored to your operation

As every oil and gas operation requires unique functionalities, we tailor the core SAFEcommandTM software or its full solution to your specific requirements and processes to ensure the system’s functionalities exactly meet your objectives.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive GIS-based systems
  • Central platform allows effective data consolidation and management
  • Spatial and non-spatial information data can be easily shared with and accessed by operational teams
  • Improved response time due to resource tracking and management tools
  • Supports multi-agency data sharing
  • Tailored to your specific requirements and operational processes

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