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About us

About Airbus Defence and Space; Oil Gas and Mining

Company Profile

Our unique satellite constellation, combined with over 30 years experience in geo-intelligence, make us the perfect partner for oil, gas and mining organisations around the globe.

With the smartest constellation combining radar and optical satellites, Airbus Defence and Space provides what you need – when you need it: wide coverage, fine detail, intensive monitoring, reliable and successful new collections, fresh and extensive archives, premium reactivity.



Our Oil, Gas and Mining Division is a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about this market. With years of experience in developing outstanding tailored products and services, we listen to our customers needs and exploit all our resources to deliver the best possible solution.

We understand the complexities throughout the project lifecyle and the issues customers face. Our products and services are developed to increase efficiency and save costs, whilst maintaining best-in-class standards.

Our Constellation

It’s our unique satellite constellation and in-house expertise that makes us the most resourceful geo-intelligence partner.

Pléiades – rapid delivery and very high resolution
  • Optical twin satellite constellation (Pléiades 1A & 1B)
  • 50cm resolution, detailed and precise
  • 20km swath, available and flexible
  • Up to daily, worldwide revisit capacity, fast and frequent
SPOT – the ideal solution for country-wide, demanding applications
  • Optical twin satellites (SPOT 6 & 7)
  • 1.5m resolution, optimised and efficient
  • Large, 60km swath, wide and homogeneous
  • Up to daily, worldwide revisit capacity, global and frequent
TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and PAZ – industry-leading quality, best in class versatility
  • Constellation of three radar satellites
  • Very high-resolution and wide-area coverage, accurate and multiscale
  • Weather-independent, reliable and timely
  • Daylight independent image acquisition and monitoring, versatile and flexible
DMC - Rapid and cost-effective continental screening
  • Vast daily collection capacity, with extra‐large image footprint.
  • 3‐medium resolution clone satellites.
  • 22m spatial resolution (GSD) with 3 spectral bands (NIR, R,G).
  • Radiometric cross-calibration to Landsat 7 (± 1%).

More information about our constellation

Find out more about our unique satellites and their capabilities.

More information