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Out of this World Intelligence Oil, Gas & Mining Solutions

Our unique satellite constellation and expertise makes us the ideal partner to support all stages of your project lifecycle with a range of derived products and services.


Be the first to discover and evaluate leads

With oil, gas and mining resources being located in some of the world’s most inaccessible or inhospitable regions, our products, services and expertise provide crucial tools to cost-effectively identify and assess leads.


Validate and prioritise your opportunities

When exploring new regions and trying to identify new leads, you need cost-effective and accurate tools in order to minimise risk. Our premium products, services and expertise provide the most accurate, reliable and timely information possible.


Minimise risk and cost when developing assets

When constructing new wells and large-scale infrastructure, our specific products and services provide the accurate and up-to-date information you need about the surrounding landscape, helping you minimise both – risk and costs.


Cost-effectively monitor your global assets

Enabling rapid and automated access to the latest imagery of your global locations, our specific solutions and services allow you to proactively monitor site activity and react quickly in emergency situations, minimising down-time and reputational risk.


Measure and reduce your environmental impact

When a project comes to the end of its lifecycle and production ceases, we continue to play an important role, providing cost-effective tools for security, environmental monitoring, as well as change analysis.

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